provides a maintenance service for ongoing product management and a smooth operating the information security system. WINS realizes customer satisfaction through its own quality assurance activities and preventive maintenance activities. Maintenance service is a WINS responsibility management system to ensure the quality of self-developed products such as maintaining the normal state of system and accommodating customer requirements according to environmental changes in the process of operations after installing an information protection system.

Maintenance Service

Range of service and procedures

Maintenance services are composed of periodic inspection services for prevention and failure handling services for post-processing.

There is Periodic inspection and Failure handling service at Maintenance Service

Periodic inspection service

Classification Range of support Note
  • Fix the function-error
  • Fix the user interface error
  • Abnormal operating module
  • Operating Status monitoring
  • System Operation support
  • Products upgrade
    (patch/update Patterns, upgrade version)
Software version upgrade is classified by level of service
  • Replace caused by broken parts
  • Hardware-state analysis
  • Optimizing a hardware configuration
  • Hardware Operations support
  • Repairing faulty equipment and parts
  • Hardware Operating environment maintenance
In case of hardware-removable, make a contract with hardware vendor separately
  • Supports a training for Product operator
  • Install and uninstall software
  • Regular visits., preventive maintenance and inspection
The cycle of Regular visits classified by the level of service

Failure handling service

Description of Failure handling service