Security Training

Security Training

Security Training Feature
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Security Lab Feature
· Build same practical environment
  as information security business

· Apply commercial and qualified
  security solution

· Design intrusion&defense environment
  with Introducing the latest security technology
· Provide the best security infrastructure on
  their level with hierarchical security

· By Connecting to security solution,
  provide convergence of security

· Can operate integrated correlation
  analysis of any incident and
  penetration test
· Construction multi-vision room for
  integrated security monitoring

· Human focus design for the organized
  security monitoring

· Practice environment of group study for
  project tasks
Security Training Program
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Penetrate Intrusion Training System
WINS CTF (Capture The Flag) is the hacking training system of competition type based on virtual environment. It provides to hacking quiz by level, and students can improve their applicable security skill by solving quiz.
Hacking Defense Training System
We applied real commercial service to this penetrate training system of intrusion and defense. Trainee can comprehend defending mechanism of security solution, evasion technology, and raise their practical hacking ability.
Get Today's Security Trend
(Secure CAST)
Over the past 17 years, WINS has dedicated much of its resource to build over 10,000 security database. WINS security database, 'Secure CAST', provides updated vulnerability news, Zero-day, treat information, malicious code spreading information and analyzing current forged information of the homepage.
Incidents Analysis Training SNIPER A2 (Attack Auditor) reproduces attacking traffic and trainee can develop their analytical skills of intrusion. This system provides over 1,500 deferent kinds of attacking traffic.