Application Management


Sniper ASP

Support early system construction and aftercare service for customized security service

Sniper ASP

We help you early buildings of information security system with a reasonable cost and after care support service. And we also provide professional support to optimize your customer security environment and management.

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Firewall / UTMIPSAnti-DDoS solutionZombie Defense APT solution

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Managed Security Policy

To ensure the maximizing operation efficiency and the performance, we provide you optimized service for security devices by minimizing false positive/negative with assessing environment factor. Considering the network environment throughout multivendor network infrastructure, we optimize policy settings. And the WINS professional CERT who is a multiyear expert of security solution supports detailed analysis of existing threat, upcoming threat and network features.

  • - Service details on reflecting the customer request
  • - System check service besides policies consulting
  • - Reflect responding trend for critical cyber threat
  • - Include after management service
  • - Provide threats information service
  • - Analysis service for critical detection event

Main Service Lite Standard Premium
Report Analysis Report of Main Incident Detection 10 O - -
Analysis Report of Main Incident Detection 20 - O O
Tuning Recommendation Report O O O
Examination Check Basic System Configuration O O O
Check System Integrity O O O
Check System Pattern Update Statue O O O
Tuning Tuning DoS Policy O O O
Tuning Scan Policy O O O
Tuning Policies of Web Attacking O O O
Tuning Malicious Code Policy O O O
Provide Customized Signature X X O
Support Remote Monitoring (after applying the policy) X X O
Tuning Times (1 device) 1 time 2 times
3 times
Analysis Analysis Network Environment O O O
Traffic (Raw Data) Analysis O O O
Consulting Consulting of Security Solution Policy O O O
True/False Detection X O O
Vulnerability Mailing Service (1 year) X O O

Emergency Response

Best Manpower in Information
  • Full time expert supporting for incident response&analysis
  • Response and analysis knowhow from many years operation of security monitoring
  • Incident prevention by analysis of upcoming trend and information security consulting
Security Information Solution
  • Response method and precautions
    with SNIPER brand
  • Detection of attacking possibility,
    symptom, prior attacking attempt and
    analysis of incident
Research Information Security Technology
  • WSEC consists of security professionals over 10 years expertise
  • Research upcoming security trend and response technology
  • Build optimize security environment
  • Take measure to prevent a recurrence, Operate prior check
Cooperation with Security Council
  • Support responding cyber terror and
    national crisis with security council
    of incident response
  • NCSC(National Cyber Security Center),
    KrCERT(KISA, Korea Security Center),
    NCIA(National Computing&Information
    Agency), CONCERT(CONsortium of CERTs)

Response Process

image of Response Process