WINS practices companies' social responsibilities

(CSR) through executives and employees' voluntary participation sharing activities and social responsibility volunteer activities
that works with other security companies.

Fund raising event

image of Fund raising event

Fund raising event for unfortunate neighbors in every the year-end holidays.

WINS make a donation for unfortunate neighbors by fund raising events every year.
Money is gathered bt selling and buying the donated used goods from our executives
and staff members. WINS sends the fund by the fund raising events, various events,
and its own donated money through 1:1 matching grant method to the social welfare facilities.

Café W

image of Cafe W

Café W is a wonderful relaxing place for WINS employees. WINS manages own cafeteria at work
and donates the profit from it. Employees enjoy the brewed coffee for free,
and premium coffee is also provided at a moderate prices. With the profit from the premium coffee,
WINS is donating the periodical money to welfare facilities.

Meal Sharing

image of Meal Sharing

Sharing day for unfortunate neighbors

WINS practices "Sharing day" as a program of its year-end fund raising event.
Voluntary employees make a donation by saving their food expenses as skipping lunch.
WINS provides some snacks for them, and sends the amount of money th welfare facilities
every month.

Auction events

image of Auction events

Employees' voluntary donation and welfare by Auction Events

As part of fund raising activities, WINS opens the auction events with various items
such as employees' preferred goods, home appliances, food, and etc. The collections from auction
events have been sending monthly to welfare facilities as a regular donation.

Matching Grant

Matching Grant that gets back double donations through fundraising

Matching Grant is the system that amount of donation can become double by donating the same amount of money
that gathered by fund raising events such as coin collection, meal sharing, and auction event.
By this system, a size of WINS's donation becomes bigger if its employees donate more and more.

Build Chesed School in Philippine

image of Chesed school in Philippine WINS and other sponsors had built the "Chesed School" in a small village of Philippine.
"Chesed" means the constant love and mercy of Jesus Christ.
WINS cheer the children of Chesed School for their bright future.

Love House

image of LoveHouse

Home is a starting point of the happiness

Wins participates with Love House 1004 for repairing of neighbor's house
We periodically help the neighbors who cannot take care of thier house repair by 2~3 times a year.
Through the WINS volunteering program, our employees are proud of themselves as a member of society.
Moreover, WINS tries to enjoy the happiness comes from the sharing and helping.

Volunteer group 'beautiful store'(

image of Volunteer group Beautiful Store

Sharing activities in beautiful stores

Executives and staff members' goods-donations, Korea Information Industry Association(KISIA) and security companies take part in sharing activities with beautiful store regularly every year. WINS executives and staff members deliver the products collected, which are sold at a beautiful store. KISIA and other security companies also join into a one-day volunteer through 'beautiful day' together.

Pangyo CSR Alliance

image of Pangyo CSR Alliance

'Pangyo CSR Alliance' is a region based social contribution program by IT companies in Pangyo Techno Valley for the local issue handling. Pangyo CSR Alliance Blog(, Official Facebook (

Social welfare groups

Regular monthly delevering donations to social welfare groups

WINS delivers donations to social welfare groups regular every month with executives
and staff members' warm heart through various sharing events such as donation, auction event,
and fund-raising event. Seongnam-dong Cathedral free food organizations 'House of Love'
(Tel.031-757-2004), Child Protection Parenting Groups 'Little House of Love'(Tel.031-752-4004),
and Disabled Life Support Group 'House of True Love'(Tel.031-722-0052)
are a small welfare groups in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province.

Global Contribution

WINS supports for your happiness

WINS is a Korean IT company who supports global neighborhood.

Sewing Machine Support for Mumbai India

WINS has donated the sewing machines for the vulnerable families in Mumbai India, and signed up for
"Love Sewing Machine Sharing program" by Global Volunteering Association
who supports the fabric and sewing machine understanding.

Security companies' social responsibility volunteer work 'KISORE'

Social contribution and social disaster recovery volunteer work

Knowledge Information Security Industrial Association(KISIA) and other security companies make volunteer work together.
WINS participates in social contribution and social disaster recovery volunteer work.