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Security threat is getting complicated and evolved. As information security technology has been developed, the security threat is also complicatedly increased. There are too many “Dedicated Security Solutions”, and the interworking those devices causes the difficulties. The security administrator should think about TCO and efficiency of their security solutions. Moreover, security administrator should response to the threats actively. The network administer is the one who understand the characteristics of their own network. By understanding the characteristics of the end user’s network and activating the required features, stronger protection strategy can be made. 


SNIPER ONE is most optimized and effective security solution which understands each customer’s network environment and provides the powerful security policy. In one solution, the user can activate the required security functions like Intrusion Prevention, Rate Limit, Regular Expression, Anti-DDoS, DNS Drop/Redirection, Caller Based Detection/Protection (VoIP), and MAC Based Detection/Protection (DHCP).

Key Features


 Intrusion Detection/Prevention

Application Layer Stateful Inspection

Rate Limit Engine

Regular Expression Engine

Anti-DDoS Engine

DNS Drop/Redirection

Caller Based Detection/Protection (VoIP)

MAC Based Detection/Protection (DHCP)

User Friendly GUI

 Increases Monitoring Efficiency by Independent Window by Each Function

Security Function Activation by Each Service

 License based dynamic engine activating system

Encrypted Communication

 SSL Decryption

Stable Network Service

 Network Traffic and System Overload Monitoring Function

High Availability : Active-Active, Active-Standby

Latest Vulnerability

 Rapid Response by Own Computer Emergency Response Team (WSEC)

Supports Ruleset Update


 Detected/blocked/transferred attack event history and detailed traffic report


 Interworking with Integrated Security Control System (ESM)



200Mbps to 40Gbps wide range of throughput (depending on model)

Layer 3 to Layer 7 packet analysis and vulnerability detection/block

License based dynamic engine activating system

The most optimized protection strategy by activating different licenses which are required for each customer’s network.

Transparent Operation, Built-in Bypass Function, Full Wirespeed, High Availability

Increases the detection/protection accuracy, Decreases TCO


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