Voluntary Compliance with strategic items

Declaration of fulfillment of the voluntary export control of strategic items

image of Voluntary Compliance with strategic items

Declaration of fulfillment

  • All employees realize that fulfilling the export control system of strategic items leads to fulfilling the corporate accountability in regard to the international security and world peace, and make every endeavor to share it.
  • With the aim of the voluntary control of strategic items, WINS makes active endeavor to establish the necessary organization and system.
  • WINS actively cooperates with the government on the export control policy of strategic items, and makes the utmost efforts to prevent offenses, such as an illegal export of a strategic item.


  • * Since the SNIPER solutions of WINS correspond to the strategic items in accordance with the Public Notice on Export and Import of Strategic Items, particular attention needs to be paid when handling and trading the SNIPER solutions. When exporting products overseas, the export permits from KOSTI (KOrea Strategic Trade Institute) and the stewardship under the executive office of strategic items are required.
  • Department concerned : Executive office of strategic items   |    e-mail : sp@wins21.co.kr    |    TEL : 031-622-8607